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Flood Management - Programme and Activities - Flood Management in Malaysia

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Flood Management

Initially, flood management focused on the urgent need to provide immediate flood relief works as well as to implement major flood mitigation projects to "catch-up" with the continuous and intense urban development.

New non-structural measures were introduced and the most significant being that required under Manual Saliran Mesra Alam. Compliance to this manual is now a mandatory requirement for all new urban development projects since 2001.

Since the new millennium, the DID has adopted the Integrated River Basin Development and the Integrated Flood Management approaches for its flood management programs. These will provide a balanced approach between structural and non-structural measures as well as higher levels of public participation.

Flood Relief Machinery and Organization

Government has established the Natural Disaster Relief Committee in 1972 with the task of coordinating flood relief operations at national, state and district levels with a view to prevent loss of human lives and to reduce flood damage. DID is one of the committee members and the organization of flood relief and operation is based on the Operation Procedure No.29 published by the National Security Council. Beside that, DID has published Circular No.2/2003-"Guidelines for Management of Flood Disaster during the Monsoon Season and Flash Floods" which is to coordinate the preparation of flood operations at federal, state and district levels.


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Structural Measures

structural measures

Major Flood Mitigations Projects completed are:

SMART - 'Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel

Batu Jinjang Ponds & Related Diversions Project

Sungai Muda Flood Mitigation Project

Sungai Perai Flood Mitigation Project

Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Flood Mitigation Project

Bertam - Kepala Batas Flood Mitigation Project


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