Performance Audit​

Performance Audit


  • To ensure governance in the planning, implementation and execution of capital expenditure development programs.

  • To institutionalize the culture of integrity, creativity dan innovation.

  • To enhance the standard of service delivery through the implementation of standardized work processes.


  • To perform performance and technical auditing on physical developments program to ensure economic, efficient and effective implementation, and to produce balance and unbias report for the top management.

  • To perform outcome and impact analysis on development programs and projects with the cooperation of the Divisions and States.

  • To plan, implement and monitor all aspects of creative and innovative work culture through the implementation of Innovation Action Plan.

  • To coordinate and monitor the progress and achievements of the Annual Business Plan.

  • To coordinate and monitor the progress and achievements of Key Performance Indicators related to NRE Minister and Secretary General and also the Director General

  • To implement and analyze the Value Audit Scorecard of the department.

  • To coordinate the periodic updating of the Department’s Works Manual

  • To coordinate and monitor the implementation of ISO9000, EMS 14000 and OHSAS 18000 initiatives.

Organization Chart

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