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Increased coastal erosion problems in the shores of Malaysia have threatened local human life as well as cause damages to property and land. Realising this matter, the Government conducted the Coastal Erosion Study in 1984. Results from the Study suggested two level action plan comprise of short and long term action to overcome this problem. To ensure these strategies are carried out effectively, the government have set up a Technical Coastal Engineering Center in the Department of Irrigation and Drainage since 1st Januari 1987.

The main role of the Technical Coastal Engineering Centre is to carry out case studies and also prepare detailed designs for coastal erosion works. It also provides technical advice and coastal information to the country's Coastal Erosion Council along with measures taken as a Technical Information Centre for the public and private sectors which are involved in the coastal zone developement. In 1990, the Technical Coastal Engineering Centre was placed under Coastal Engineering Division. Coastal Division and River Division was merge during DID Re-Structuring exercise in 2005 to form River and Coastal division. This new division consists of 3 sections which are Costal Development Section, Costal Management Section and Coastal Engineering Section. 


  • To solve erosion problem through coastal protection work.
  • To rehabilitate river mouth for the purpose of providing better navigation access for fishermen.
  • To prepare Integrated Shoreline Management Plan for whole country by 2025 to ensure sustainable development.


  • To execute coastal erosions plan for the protection of all coastal areas in the critical erosion category.
  • To execute improvement works on river estuaries categorised under critical conditions to facilitate navigation .
  • To provide technical services towards the implementation of the coastal zone management.

Client Charter

  • To prepare structural designs for coastal erosion protection in a period of 6 months after all necessary data is  obtained.
  • To give comments on EIA reports and proposed developement on coastal zone areas by 4 weeks time as requested by the client.
  • To respond to all coastal erosion complaints within 48 hours.


Coastal erosion problems threaten the life, properties and economic activities along coastal zone. Therefore, coastal erosion control programme is essential to mitigate these threats in affected areas.

Organisational Chart

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