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Human Capital Development Division


Objective of the Human Capital Development Division is to produce competent Department’s personnel through systematic and effective training


  1. Plan, develop and prepare the Department’s Human Capital Development programmes
  2. Manage and administer office operations including administrative, service, finance and Government policies
  3. Manage and implement the Departmental Examination as well as evaluating competency levels for the staff
  4. Manage career development and continuous education for DID staff
  5. Manage and plan infrastructure development as well as teaching and learning facilities
  6. Manage and plan training programmes and courses to upgrade competency levels of DID staff


  • To prepare at least 40% seats of the two (2) days structured course for DID staff and to ensure at least 90% of the Scheduled Courses are being implemented
  • To disseminate Scheduled Courses Programmes before January each year
  • To ensure results of application for Scheduled Courses for successfull candidates be informed TWO (2) weeks before the sceduled starting date
  • To process completed applications for courses / conferences / training overseas and sponsored courses within the country in THREE (3) working days from the date of applicationsreceived
  • To announce the Departmental Examination date TWO (2) months prior to the examination
  • To implement Departmental Examination at least ONCE a year and to ensure results of the examination be produced TWO (2) months after the examination
  • To process the application of Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP) ONE (1) week before JPA’s closing date
  • To ensure all complaints be investigated within ONE (1) working day and the complainant be informed within THREE (3)  working days

Organisational Chart

Human Capital Development 
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Director Office (PPPMI) 
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IPMI Northen Region 
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IPMI Eastern Region 
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IPMI Central Region 
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