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MSC Flood Mitigation Project

1.0: Background

The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is an area covering about 15 km in width and 50 km in length. It extends southwards from Kuala Lumpur (KLCC), encompassing the new federal administratrative capital of Putrajaya coordination and implementation, the MSC is subdivided into seven planning areas as outlined below:

  • Putrajaya;
  • Airport City;
  • Cyberjaya;
  • Cyber Village;
  • Tele-Suburbs;
  • Research and Development Centre; and
  • High - Tech Parks.

In addition to the seven areas, the KLIA is already completed and was opened for operations at the end of June 1998.

2.0: Objectives

Presently as most of the areas in the MSC are presently  in the design stage and construction stage a well coordinated and well-planned overall drainage system is very much needed to avert flooding problems that could be otherwise prevented. In view of this, the Macro Drainage Master Plan Study was formulated with the following objectives:

  • Review all existing drainage systems and drainage proposals from various developers;
  • Check identify all the shortcomings and inadequacies in the planning and design of the existing and proposed drainage systems in relation to all other affected surrounding areas and developments; and
  • Formulate a comprehensive Macro Drainage Master Plan as an optimum solution to the existing and potential flooding problems.

3.0: Plan Implementation Programme

The Macro Drainage Master Plan as described earlier is proposed to be implemented in phases due to the large volume of work involved. In terms of priority, the Immediate Action Plan (IAP) was identified as the urgent works to be carried out.

The IAP Implementation will require the balance of the works for Sungai Klang, planned under the Sungai Klang Flood Mitigation Project, to be implementated in tandem since these works are downstream and would otherwise negate the advantage of the early completion of the IAP works.

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