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Management Services Division


To ensure and guarantee a smooth, efficient and effective services in office management, financial, staff welfare, management and security.


Human Resources Management Section

Prepare and ensure all the personnel information of Management and Professional Group and Support Group relevant,integrated and realibility. The related matters:

  • Placement, Promotions, Acting/Specially For Holder (KUP)

  • Appointment confirmation, Service Confirmation, Trial Period Extension, Pensionable Status Conferral, Disposal/Resignation, Update and Recorded Service Books, Bearing work, Leave Application, Pension and Application to Foreign

  • Manage matters Declaration Of Property, Security Filter, Examination Result(PTK), Award,  Human Resource Management Panel/Panel Search Committee, JKP and LNPT

  • Apply Information System in Human Resource Management

  • Integrated staffing arrangements (creation, trade-off, grading, disposal)

Financial Management Section

Prepare, manage and ensure the following based on rules treasury:

  • Manage Bill Payment/Emolument/Allowance/Personal Advance Clain, Imprest Retail Money, Travel Warrant, Loan Transaction(Computer,Vehicle, Housing), Book Management Vote Trust Account, Deposit Revenue Account/ABT dan e-SPKB

  • Provide Budget Runs act as Secretariat JPKA, Monthly Report Provision Finance

  • Manage Goods Turnover, Service and Work, e-Perolehan, Local Order, Purchasing, Registration,Maintanance, Asset Disposal, Store Management and act as Secretariat JKP

Administration And Maintenance

Manage and ensure:

  • Customer Service Management

  • Correspondence Management Department

  • File Management,Punch Card

  • Official Function Business

  • Building Maintenance/Electrical System, Telephone and Fax, Parking, Pest Control, Canteen Service, Water Supply Cleaning and Handling Of Systems, Air Conditioner,Development, Office Security Managemnt, Building, Tender Provision/Contract/Quatation


Client Charter

  • To execute and ensure the personal management and human resources become more efficiency and effective.

  • To responsive about personal data, file record and security report all personal information completely, secure,updated by implement the information technology.

  • To ensure payments of bills and invoices be made in not more than 14 days from the date of complete document reception(unless otherwise state contract documents).

  • To supply completely the information to Ministry,Department and Government Agencies accurately within one week;

  • To ensure and preserve the asset of department any time in a good condition.

Organisational Chart

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