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Hydrology & Water Resources Equipment



Salmoiraghi type planimeter. This equipment was used to measure the area of river basin on a map before being replaced by digital planimeter.

Alat perkam aras air jenis Steven

Steven type water level logger

This equipment was used to measure river water level in 70's.

Counter/ Pembilang


Used to count the propeller rotation of the current meter for river gauging calculation. This device as used in the early 60's before being replaced with digital device.

Tentu Ukur Jangarus

Current meter calibarator

This device is used to calibrate current meter and was used in early 70's.



This device is used to measure coordinate in high resolution . Data on a chart are transformed to series of x and y coordinate and used for further computer processing.

Mesin Tebuk Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer Punch Machine

This device is used to punch paper cards and later are read and compiled by computer to run programs and data entry in the 80's.

Alat Perakam Hujan jenis Capricorder

Capricorder Type Rain Logger

Rainfall measurement are punched on charts.

Rumah Perakam Aras Air jenis Apungan

Float & Well Water Level Station

Float and well water level station build in the 40's at Sg. Bernam di Jambatan SKC.

Alat Perakam Aras Air jenis KENT

KENT type water level logger

This device is used to log water level measurement in the 70's.

Paper Tape Translator & Plotter

Paper Tape Translator & Plotter

Paper tape is used to translate decimal binary code to 4 decimal digital data automaticly. Data are saved in magnetic tapes and processed using mini computers.

Komputer Mini

Mini Computer

Mini Computer Data General Corporation NOVA 1220. This mini computer has 32K memory, 16 bit letter and  compiler for FORTRAN programming used to run hydrology data processing programs. Hydrology data processing program TIDEDA develop by New Zealand's Ministrary of Public Works is used under cooperation by Engineering Export Association of New Zealand (ENEX) and DID in the early 70's.

Video Display Unit Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer Video Display Unit

Perkin Elmer Video Display Unit Model 1251/1245 is a video terminal for high-end micro processor and used from 1984 to 1992 to process hydrology data.

Tolok Lurus

Stick Gauge

Stick Gauge with imperial unit measument was installed in a Flood Siren Station at Sg. Sarawak Kiri at Bandar Selawan in the 70's.


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