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Mechanical Structures

Pump Houses


Type :Screw Pump

The pump was installed at Merlimau Melaka in September 2004 and was the first pump (electrically operated) used by JPS.




Pump house located in Negeri Perak. To supply water from Perak river. Function for irrigations.



This pump house located in Bumbung Lima, Pulau Pinang. The electric submersible pump system has been upgraded by using 'Variable Speed Drive' (VSD) for energy efficiency.

Functions : Irrigation.



The gate consists of a skin, welded or riveted to a channel frame and cross bracing. Normally 4 to 6 flanged rollers brushed with tufnol or a similar water lubricated synthetic turning on stainless steel shafts which run in cast iron guides set in reinforced concrete walls.

Gate Operations : By lifting gears (either motorized or manual operated ) through wire ropes, wire rope drums and gear box.

Functions : Tidal gates and many headworks and barrages are of this design.



The gate consists of pieces of hardwood bolted together and framed in a mild steel or cast iron channels. The top of the gate is attached to a spindle threaded at the top portion which moves inside a fixed bearing and so that it moves up and down as the operating wheel is turned. The gate slides up and down against the C.I guide embedded into the concrete structure. The dimension of the Screwdown gate is normally limited to 6’ x 6’. Sometimes the material used for the whole gate is Stainless steel.

Gate Operations : Operate Manually and Electrically.

Functions : Irrigation and drainage controls.



Quite similar to roller gate except:-

Instead of rollers, the gates have arms which are pivoted at both ends. Thus the gate moves through a circular arc ( rubbing against rubber strips made of curved cast iron strips set in concrete walls) instead of up and down motion through rollers.

Normarlly there is no counter weight since the effort required to operate this type of gate is much less.

The skin of the gate is curved ( i.e. radial ) instead of a straight plate.

This type of gates are commonly used for head works.



Hydraulic Excavators



Dredger-SCD 500

Design, fabricate, testing & commissioning and supply one (1) unit of Malaysian Dredger is the pioneer design and built dredger project inMalaysia. 

The Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) has been given the responsibility by the Government of Malaysia to materialize this RM10 millions project which later on to collaborate with Syarikat Ikhlas Kekal Sdn Bhd (IKSB).


This locally designed dredger, built with 5 pontoons that coupled together at 8 positions using 18 coupling blocks. 1 pontoon will act as a main pontoon, 1 as Fore Side Pontoon, 1 as SB Fore Side Pontoon, 1 as PS Aft Side Pontoon and the rest as a SB Aft Side Pontoon respectively. On top of that, this dredger has been design completed with an operator cabin which can be use as a control room when dredging process being carried out. Other components/features included are such as Engine Room, Rest Room, Cutter Ladder, Cutter motor, Cutter Head, Cutter Ladder Gantry, Ladder Winch, Deck Crane, Winch and Spud Systems to ensure the system can run smoothly.

There are several systems equipped in this dredger such as Hull System (5 pontoons, coupling construction, tanks, hatches, engine room entrance and operator cabin), Dredge Systems (cutting, spud and winch systems),  Suction and Discharge System (dredge pump, gearbox and coupling, main engine, suction and discharge line, gland and flushing pump), Electrical Systems (power supplies, switch board, electrical equipment, Lightning system and dredging control systems), Auxiliary Systems (auxiliary diesel engine, auxiliary gearbox and hydraulic system), Engine Room Piping Systems (fuel oil system, lube oil, grease, gland and flushing, cooling water, exhaust gas and hydraulic oil systems) and Ships Piping System.

For further informations, please contact :-  

Director : wardiah@water.gov.my                           

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