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Water Resources Management & Hydrology- Activities

1.Development, O&M of hydrological network.

To develop, produce and test hydrological instrument or system to suit local conditions. Provide supporting services in the field of hydrological instrumentation. Use of this instruments in major irrigation and drainage schemes. provide regular training on maintenance of hydrological instrument and telemetric equipment.

2.Collect, process, archive and disseminate hydrological data and information.

Coordinate hydrological activities carried out by the states office which are responsible for operation and maintenance of stations and field data collection. Collect, process, archive and disseminate hydrological data for water resources planning, development and management. Publish hydrological data periodically for users. Participate in regional and global activities of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) pertaining to operational hydrology.

3.Analysis of hydrological data.

Collaborate with UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme (IHP) for the advancement of hydrological and water resources research and technology to the benefit of the nation. Conduct hydrological research to understand specific hydrological processes and characteristics. Carry out basic and continuous water resources assessment.

4.Forecast and provide early warnings of flood and droughts event

Forecast and provide early warnings of flood and droughts event for major river basins. Monitor and assess droughts in major river basins. Provide advisory service on hydrological applications. Review, develop, update and disseminate hydrological procedures to end users. Participate in activities pertaining to flood and drought disaster management under the auspices of the United Nations such as ESCAP,WMO,Typhoon Committee and IDNDR.

Flood Monitoring System 
Realtime rainfall and waterlevel data. Useful for indicators of potential flooding or landslides.

Drought Monitoring System 
Online info on water resources status, early warning on potential drought and drought status for Penisular Malaysia.

We provide hydrology data such as rainfall, water level, sediment, discharge and evaporation


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