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Rivers of Malaysia

Rivers have been on the receiving end for the last 20 years. This situation does not only occur in Malaysia but the world over. With the tremendous rate of development, institutions are grappling with the problems of finding out what the real situation is like, let alone controlling it.

In view of this, the Departmant of Irrigation and Drainage launched the 'Love Our Rivers' campaign in 1993. The first phase involved a campaign to create an awareness among the general public on the present state of our rivers and the need for all quarters to cooperate to prevent further deterioration of the rivers. In the second phase, emphasis is given on the enforcement and technical capacity of the agencies entrusted with the job.

In this respect, this book is a useful contribution to technical officers doing riverworks. Although the rivers described are in Japan, the overall river environment and ways of doing river engineering works, which is compatible with nature, will definitely be an eye-opener. Until local  expertise in this field is available, this book will be a useful reference on how to construct a more natural river.

Waterfalls of Malaysia

Rivers: Towards the Making of Rivers Rich in Nature

River Landscape Design Guideline