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Urban Storm Water Management (MSMA)

This manual has forty-eight chapters and is divided into eleven parts is given in appendix 1 (Table of Contents). The first three parts contain background information on environmental process and stormwater management, administration aspects and planning processes. The remaining parts contain detailed information on hydrology and hydraulics, runoff quantity control and conveyance, structural and non-structural water quality controls, water quality controls during construction, vegetation and watercourse management and special stormwater applications.

Table of Content

Part A : Introduction
Part F : Runoff Conveyance
Malaysian Perspective
Environment Processes
Stormwater Management
Roof and Property Drainage
Stormwater Inlets
Pipe Drains
Open Drains
Engineered Waterways
Hydraulic Structures
Part B : Administration
Part G : Post Construction Runoff Quality Controls
Design Acceptance Criteria
Institutional and Legal Framework
Authority Requirement and Documentation
Stormwater Quality Monitoring
Oil Separators 
Gross Pollutant Traps
Constructed Ponds and Wetlands
Housekeeping Practices
Community Education
Part C : Planning
Part H : Construction Runoff Quality Controls
Planning Framework
Strategic Planning
Master Planning
Choice of Management
Action to Control Erosion and Sediment
Erosion and Sediment Control Measures
Contractor Activity Control Measures
Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
Part D : Hydrology and Hydraulics
Part I : Special Application
Hydrologic Design Concepts
Hydraulic Fundamentals 
Design Rainfall
Flow Estimation and Routing 
Pollutant Estimation, Transport and Retention
Stormwater System Design 
Computer Models and Softwares
Riparian Vegetation and Watercourse Management
Subsoil Drainage
Lowland, Tidal and Small Island Drainage
Hillside Drainage
Wet Weather Wastewater Overflows
Part E : Runoff Quantity Control
Principle of Quantity Control
On-site Detention 
Community and Regional Detention
On-site and Community Retention 
Regional Retention

** This Manual can be purchased at Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 50554 Kuala Lumpur

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