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Building and Infrastructure Division


Building and Infrastructure Division (BBI) is a new Division which was upgraded from the Building Unit which resulted from the isolation of the unit from the Structure, Geotehcnical and Dam Division. It's existence came into force after being approved during the Post Cabineet Meeting of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment so that it's implementation becomes the sole agency responsible in implementing building and infrastructure related works for the Department as well as agencies within NRE so as not to depend on the Public Works Department for implementation.

Building and Infrastructure Division is responsible for the planning, designing and construction works for buildings projects as well as other related structures. As the implementing agent and technical consultant this Division provides technical consultation services, project management services as well as operational and maintenance management services through four (4) units as follows:-

  1. Project Management Unit
  2. Development Unit
  3. Planning Unit
  4. Administration Unit


  • To fulfil the responsibilities of implementing building and infrastructure construction works in line with the needs of the Department.


  • To implement and coordinate building planning works including appointment of consultants, designing and preparation of tender documents by consultants.

  • To focus on construction projects and renovations of buildings for agencies within the Ministry of Energy and Natural (KeTSA).

  • To provide support services for planning and design works, preparation of architectural building plans, mechanical and engineering works as well as support services to other Divisions of the Department.

  • To carry out detailed planning for all maintenance services within a building including the implementation

Client Charter

  • To provide prompt sound specialist support services in line with the function of the Division

  • To prodie designs that are cost effective, easy to construct and simple to operate with the use of the latest technologies

Organisational Chart

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